Ibrahima Kalil Toure

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The vast majority of community nutrition/health programs in developing countries focus on women of reproductive age (WRA) and a few explicitly involve senior women, or grandmothers. In Senegal, as in many other places, older, experienced women play an influential role in household maternal and child health (MCH) matters. Formative research in Serer villages(More)
Quality of Service (QoS) has gained more importance with the increase in usage and adoption of web services. In recent years, various tools and techniques developed for measurement and evaluation of QoS of web services. There are commercial as well as open-source tools available today which are being used for monitoring and testing QoS for web services.(More)
In dynamic network, including both the mobile ad-hoc network as well as the wireless sensor network, the services need to be provided putting into consideration the challenges of resource mobility and availability. Devices with a short switched-on period together with mobility and ad-hoc connections make the network connection highly unreliable. Mobility(More)
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