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In this position paper, we review basic control strategies that machines acting as traffic controllers could deploy in order to improve the management of Internet services. Such traffic controllers are likely to spur the widespread emergence of advanced applications, which have (so far) been hindered by the inability of the networking infrastructure to(More)
Nonlinear Acoustics in Underwater and Biomedical Applications: Array Performance Degradation and Time Reversal Invariance by Ibrahim M. Hallaj Chair of Supervisory Committee Professor Robert P. Porter Electrical Engineering This dissertation describes a model for acoustic propagation in inhomogeneous fluids, and explores the focusing by arrays onto targets(More)
Pre-operative planning for the extraction of mandibular third molars is of fundamental importance, particularly in patients over the age of 40 years, in whom osteotomies and odontotomies procedures must be included to prevent mandibular fractures Conservative treatment of the mandibular fracture has advantages and disadvantages, and can present excellent(More)
In today’s digital economy, the construction industry is at the verge of a technological revolution. Myriad technologies are promising innovative solutions to age-old problems of coordination and delivering projects on-time, on-budget and to clients’ specifications, through what has come to be known as integrated project delivery. However, there is limited(More)
Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1 infection has been reported in domestic poultry, and human populations in Egypt since 2006. Despite of this, there is no clearly paper studied the Egyptian climate risk factors that associated with avian influenza outbreaks. Therefore, this paper aimed to construct the regional equation models for Egypt, which(More)
© This copy of the thesis has been supplied on condition that anyone who consults it is understood to recognise that its copyright rests with the author and that no quotation from the thesis, nor any information derived therefrom, may be published without the author's prior, written consent. 2 Abstract Recent progress in the development of speech(More)
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is the most commonly used flavoring agent all over the world. The current study was designed to investigate the protective and therapeutic effect of propolis against monosodium glutamate induced toxic effects on some biological aspects of kidney rats. Accordingly, a total number of fifty male albino rats were divided into five(More)