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Isolation of Some Enteropathogens from Retailed Poultry Meat in Alexandria Province
A total of 100 random samples of chicken meat, chicken nuggets, chicken paneehh and chicken luncheon were collected from different supermarkets in Alexandria province for detection of enteropathogens and obtained results as following.
Phytoplankton in Irrigation and Draining Water Canals of East Nile Delta of Egypt
Phytoplankton in water of River Nile, Ismailia canal and Belbase drain of East Nile Delta of Egypt was studied, and Eudorina, Pediastrum, Actinastrum were the most dominant genera of green algae and Anabaena was the most abundantGenera of blue green algae.
Effect of Moringa Peregrine Seeds on Productive Performance and Hemato-Biochemical Parameters of Growing Rabbits
The present study was carried out in South Sinai Research Station, located at Ras Suder that belongs to the Desert Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Egypt. This study was
Preparation and Characterization of Gelatins from Two Sudanese Edible Insects
Gelatins extracted from two edible insects Aspongubus viduatus (melon bug) and Agonoscelis pubescens (sorghum bug) were studied. The two insects showed 27.0 and 28.2% crude protein, respectively.
Extractable micronutrients status in relation to other soil properties in Billiri Local Government Area
A study of the micronutrient status of soils of Billiri was carried out at 55 different locations. The objective of the study was to evaluate the status of micronutrients and their relationship with
High Prevalence of Multidrug-Resistance MRSA and VRSA of Different Infections from AI-Jumhuory Teaching Hospital Patients in Mosul
It is concluded that antibiotics other than vancomycin can be used as anti-MRSA agents after a sensitivity test to prevent the prevalence of VRSA, the major cause of this chemotherapy problems maybe irrational and indiscriminate use of broad-spectrum antibiotics.
Proximate and Anatomical Weight Composition of Wild Brackish Tilapia guineensis and Tilapia melanotheron
Both Tilapia species are nutritionally high in protein with low-oil content while the anatomical weight composition indicated that T .guineensis had a higher recovery of edible portion than T. melanotheron.
Relationship Between Grain Yield and Yield Components in Super Hybrid Rice
Abstract Chinese super hybrid rice breeding project has developed many new varieties with great yield potential. It is controversial which yield component should be emphasized in super hybrid rice
Comparisons of Yield and Growth Behaviors of Hybrid Rice Under Different Nitrogen Management Methods in Tropical and Subtropical Environments
It is suggested that further improvement in rice yield in the tropical environments similar to those of Bangladesh will depend mainly on the ability to increase panicle size as well as CGR during vegetative phase, and the chlorophyll meter threshold value used in RTNM needs to be modified according to environmental conditions and cultivar characteristics to achieve a desirable grain yield.