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Impalement injuries of the chest are uncommon in civilian practice with few reports in the literature. We report three cases of thoracic impalement seen over a 5 year period with unusual underlying mechanisms. In two of the cases, the impalement was obvious; in the third, the impalement was concealed having occurred 5 months earlier. In Case 1, the(More)
Primary chest wall tumors are uncommon and constitute 0.2-2% of all tumors. Metastatic tumors and tumors of local extension are more common. Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor (MPNST) of the chest wall is even rarer and its incidence on the chest wall not stated in the literature. The incidence in the general population is 0.0001% while the risk is(More)
BACKGROUND There is a phobia among doctors for the residency training program, since the establishment of the program over 30 years ago. The reason for establishing the program was mainly to provide the much-needed specialists in medicine. OBJECTIVES To ascertain the perception of the residency training program among residents. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Postoperative junctional ectopic tachycardia (JET) is a rare and transient phenomenon occurring after repair of congenital heart defects. Report on this arrhythmia in the subregion is rare. We set out to determine the incidence of this arrhythmia and review the treatment and outcomes of treatment in our centre. METHODS Retrospective search of(More)
BACKGROUND Deep vein thrombosis is increasingly being diagnosed in Ghana. The commonest complication that leads to death is pulmonary embolism. The mortality rate from massive pulmonary embolism is high even with intervention. Thrombolysis is recommended in massive embolism. OBJECTIVE To determine the outcome of thrombolysis in the management of massive(More)
BACKGROUND The transformation of a surgical trainee into a surgeon is strongly influenced by the quality of teaching in the operating theater. This study investigates the perceptions of residents about the educational environment of the operating theater and identifies variables that may improve the operating theater education of our trainees. MATERIALS(More)
BACKGROUND The field of vascular surgery is evolving in sub-Saharan Africa but the practice is bedeviled by lack of expertise and infrastructure challenges. The consequences are a low volume of operations and a dearth of data. Available data are not representative of the wider picture, therefore, this study was undertaken to evaluate the practice of(More)
INTRODUCTION The conduct of cardiopulmonary bypass surgery requires the use of equipment and devices like the oxygenator. The oxygenator comes in different makes and each manufacturer customizes the carrier or 'holder' of this device specific to their design. AIM This paper presents an innovation designed to overcome the need to purchase a different(More)
BACKGROUND Tube thoracostomy is a lifesaving and frequently performed procedure in hospitals where the expertise and necessary tools are available. Where the ideal drainage receptacle is unavailable, the underwater seal device can be improvised with bottled water plastic can especially in emergency situations. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To determine the(More)
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