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BACKGROUND Most developed countries have made considerable progress in addressing maternal mortality, but it appears that countries with high maternal mortality burdens like Nigeria have made little progress in improving maternal health outcomes despite emphasis by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Knowledge about safe motherhood practices could help(More)
BACKGROUND An effective capacity building process for healthcare workers is required for the delivery of quality health care services. Work-based training can be applied for the capacity building of health care workers while causing minimum disruption to service delivery within health facilities. In 2012, clinical mentoring was introduced into the Jigawa(More)
Correction Following the publication of this work [1], some typographical errors were observed which were not detected during the proofreading process prior to publication. To ensure the complete integrity of the study reported in this publication, corrections in Table two (Table 1 here) are being reflected in this publication of a correction to the(More)
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