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The early symptoms of pancreatic cancer are often very vague. They may precede the diagnosis by years and go unrecognized. This makes pancreatic cancer one of the cancers with the worst survival rates. The progression rate of the early phase might be slower than previously thought. Here, we report a case where symptoms, including thromboembolism and(More)
Dear Editor, A 64-year-old Hispanic woman with a past medical history of hypertension, diabetes mellitus type 2, and dyslipidemia was admitted with symptoms of fever, left-sided flank pain, and blood in her urine of 2 days duration. Seven days before admission, the patient had been treated as outpatient for urinary tract infection with(More)
Portal vein thrombosis (PVT) was first reported in 1868 by Balfour and Stewart and is a medical condition in which the lumen of the portal vein is completely or partially obstructed due to the presence of a thrombus [1]. Inherited (Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin gene mutation G201210A, Protein C, S and Anti thrombin III deficiency) and acquired(More)
Mixed adenocarcinoid tumors are not uncommon neoplasms of appendix. The clinical presentation of these tumors is often similar to that of acute appendicitis or may present as asymptomatic. These tumors are found incidentally during histopathological examination of the resected appendix following appendectomy or other abdominal procedures. Mixed(More)
Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers commonly diagnosed at an advanced stage. Early diagnosis is crucial for the timely and potentially curative treatment of this highly fatal disease. Although screening tests have improved the survival rate in malignancies such as colon, breast, cervical and prostate cancer, there is currently no effective(More)
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