Ibrahim Turkoglu

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Web usage mining is to analysis Web log files to discover user accessing patterns of Web pages. The user access log files present very significant information about a web server. This paper is deal with finding information about a web site, top errors, link errors between the pages, etc. from the web server access log files. The aim of this study is to(More)
In this study, we develop a new automated pattern recognition system for interpretation of heart sound based on wavelet decomposition of signals and classification using neural network. Inputs to the system are the heart sound signals acquired by a stethoscope in a noiseless environment. We generate features for the objective concise representation of heart(More)
In this paper, we present a swarm intelligence based technique for mining rules over a medical database. Rules are a suitable method for representing real world medical knowledge because of their simplicity, uniformity, transparency, and ease of inference. Swarm Intelligence (SI) has been applied to the rule mining process as its dynamic nature provides(More)
In this article, we mention about a novel object recognition method based on an improved edge tracing method for binary images. This method named as “NORMBI” (novel object recognition method in binary images) contains two subsequent processes, determining places of independent objects (the starting point detection algorithm) and obtaining(More)
In this paper, we improve the real-time object tracking algorithm of Yang [1] which uses a symmetric similarity function between spatially smoothed kernel-density estimates of the model and the target distributions. This spatial smoothed process applied on the centre points of the probability density functions increases not only computational complexity but(More)
In this paper, a pattern recognition system is developed for automatic classification of the radar target signals. Feature extraction is an important subset of the pattern recognition system. For feature extraction is used Short Term Fourier Transform (STFT) time-frequency distribution of the pulse radar target signals. Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy(More)
In this study, a Mexican Hat Wavelet scalogram neural genetic network approach is proposed for signal classification. The Wavelet Scalogram network uses a Levenberg-Marquardt multilayer feedforward neural network-genetic algorithm hybrid structure, and its input layer constitutes the feature extraction part, whereas the hidden layer and output layer(More)
Identification of protein-coding regions is very difficult in genomic research. This coding regions have 3-base periodicity are named as exon. The aim of this paper is to estimate position of exon in the DNA sequence used filter approach based Fourier. For this purpose, DNA sequences of M8694 gene in human species are transformed to numeric sequences by(More)
Recently, digital signal processing has been widely applied in the study of genomics. One of the genomic studies is identification of protein-coding regions. Where is a protein coded? How much is encoded? Where are growth and development regulated? The answer to these questions is possible by DNA sequences that can be classified as the exon and intron. In(More)
The diagnosis of disease is difficult but critical task in medicine. Data mining is the process of extracting hidden interesting patterns from massive database. In the healthcare industry it plays a significant task for predicting the disease. Heart disease is a single largest cause of death in developed countries and one of the main contributors to disease(More)