Ibrahim Turan

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BACKGROUND Anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs, have become an important part of the pain management in day surgery. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of Coxib premedication on the intra-operative anaesthetic requirements in patients undergoing elective ankle surgery in general anaesthesia. TYPE OF STUDY Prospective, randomized study of(More)
We aimed to study intrinsic factors in 29 consecutive patients with well-documented unilateral stress fractures of the tibia. Anthropometry, range of motion, isokinetic plantar flexor muscle performance, and gait pattern were analyzed. The uninjured leg served as the control. A reference group of 30 uninjured subjects was compared regarding gait pattern.(More)
PURPOSE To study the prescription of oral analgesics for musculoskeletal pain by primary care physicians over a 5-year period in Sweden. DESIGN A retrospective automatic database review of patient records at four primary health care centers. All prescriptions of NSAIDs, weak opioids, and coprescriptions of gastroprotecting medications to patients with(More)
BACKGROUND Pain and emesis are the two major complaints after day case surgery. Local anaesthesia has become an important part of optimizing intra and post-operative pain treatment, but is sometimes not entirely sufficient. The aim of the present study was to study the effect of adding an ankle block to a multi-modal analgesic approach on the first(More)
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