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This paper describes the design and implementation of a data acquisition card for the hybrid energy system. Parameters of the solar and the wind sources such as the current, the voltage, the direction of wind, the operation conditions and the position of the solar system can be changed and illustrated on an LCD and displayed on a PC using the card(More)
In this study, a single stage, three-phase, three-level neutral point clamped inverter is designed for grid connected renewable energy systems. The proposed voltage source inverter is operated in current controlled mode and a PI current controller is used for the production of switching pattern. Also the proposed inverter is operated in parallel with public(More)
In this study, a grid interactive inverter which is capable of importing electrical energy, generated from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and fuel cells, to the grid line is designed and simulated with MATLAB/Simulink. A line frequency transformer and LCL filter is used at the output of the grid interactive inverter that is designed as voltage(More)
This study introduces building and operation of a wind and a solar power sources as a clean energy park. This park includes efficient wind and solar power sources that are controlled by a PIC microcontroller to manage the energy storage in batteries and the parallel connection of the system with the grid. There are 14 solar panels producing 2.5 kW in total(More)
Interest of renewable energy sources increases with the increasing world power demand and decreasing of fossil energy sources. Many of the new energy sources like the PV, the fuel cell or the wind, produces direct voltage so it is needed a suitable direct current to alternating current inverter to connect them to an alternating current load or the utility(More)
Power quality problems are disturbances of current/voltage waveform which result in cannot exactly work, to malfunction and to breakdown in the worst case of devices which are connected to power system. Although many methods are proposed to determine harmonics which are one of the most common power quality problems, Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) is more(More)
As a result of advances in power electronics, in medium to high frequency high power conversion has become widespread. The performance and the sizing of the medium-frequency power transformer vary depending on material properties and operating frequency. While the core size determined by the power requirements, the specific core loss which varies depending(More)
In order to obtain uninterrupted power in many critical applications such as control, protection, and communication; high current capacity battery groups are used as a replacement energy source. Charging the battery groups is made by DC/DC converters which are fed over power factor corrected rectifiers in a single or three-phase network according to their(More)