Ibrahim S Sultan

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Metazoan development proceeds primarily through the regulated expression of genes encoding transcription factors and components of cell signaling pathways. One way to decipher the complex developmental programs is to assemble the underlying gene regulatory networks by dissecting the cis-regulatory modules that direct temporal-spatial expression of(More)
Isolated canine hearts were preserved at 4 degrees C with multi-dose cardioplegic solution every hour for 6 hours. Reperfusion was observed for 2 hours under cross-circulation without cardiotonic drugs. The aprotinin group (n = 8), which received cardioplegic solution with added aprotinin (150 KIU/mL), was compared with the control group (n = 6). The(More)
Seventy-eight patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) were compared retrospectively to evaluate whether pretreatment with coenzyme Q10 (CoQ) is effective in preventing left ventricular depression in early reperfusion following CABG. CoQ (5 mg/kg, intravenously) was given to 60 patients, 2 hours prior to the onset of cardiopulmonary bypass(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to evaluate nationwide outcomes of ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation in elderly patients in the United States. METHODS Patients undergoing VAD implantation between 2003 and 2008 were identified in the Nationwide Inpatient Sample. The primary outcome was inpatient mortality following VAD implantation.(More)
Open repair of the aortic arch remains the gold standard for aortic aneurysms and dissections. However, in elderly patients with comorbidities, and in patients where prolonged cardiopulmonary bypass time and circulatory arrest may pose a significant risk, hybrid techniques in repairing the aortic arch have become quite attractive. Hybrid arch surgery(More)
Thirty-three canine hearts were isolated after initial cardioplegia and preserved for 6 hours in 4 degrees C saline solution with intermittent infusion of cardioprotective solution every hour. Reperfusion was observed for 2 hours under normothermic cross-circulation. Hearts were divided into five groups depending on the agent(s) added to the K(+)-Mg2+(More)
BACKGROUND An increasing number of patients undergoing noncardiac surgery have coronary stents. Although guidelines regarding perioperative management of antiplatelet therapies in this patient population exist, practice patterns remain incompletely understood. This study evaluated these practice patterns, with particular attention to differences in(More)