Ibrahim S. Abdullah

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A 17-year-old male with symptoms of headache and diaphoresis presented to the emergency department. He had eight months of noted hypertension attributed to medications. On arrival his blood pressure was 229/117mmHg, and he was ill-appearing. His blood pressure was managed aggressively, and he was diagnosed with extra-adrenal pheochromocytoma by computed(More)
Problem statement: Mobile Internet Protocol (MIP) is the forms of the backbone for next generation wireless internet technology to provide uninterrupted network service while a node on the move. The original MIP use Home Agent to forward the traffic. Thus, it does not have problem with simultaneous mobility, i.e., the special case when both end nodes are(More)
BACKGROUND Palliative shunts in congenital heart disease patients are vulnerable to thrombotic occlusion. High mechanical index (MI) impulses from a modified diagnostic ultrasound (US) transducer during a systemic microbubble (MB) infusion have been used to dissolve intravascular thrombi without anticoagulation, and we sought to determine whether this(More)
Natural rubber (NR) is a high molecular weight natural polymer and can be degraded to liquid natural rubber (LNR) leaving certain functional groups at the end of chains. In this study, LNR samples prepared via oxidative degradation using H2O2 and NaNO2 as reagents were found to have different end groups depending on the pH of the reaction medium. In an(More)
A communication protocol is a set of rules shared by two or more communicating parties on the sequence of operations and the format of messages to be exchanged. Standardization organizations define protocols in the form of recommendations (e.g., RFC) written in technical English, which requires a manual translation of the specification into the protocol(More)
Most security protocols share a similar set of algorithms and functions and exhibit common sequences and patterns in the way they operate. These observations led us to propose a unified architecture for the implementation of security protocols in the form of a security toolbox system. Our design, based on the concepts of Component Based Software Engineering(More)
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