Ibrahim Omerhodzic

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In this paper, a wavelet-based neural network (WNN) classifier for recognizing EEG signals is implemented and tested under three sets EEG signals (healthy subjects, patients with epilepsy and patients with epileptic syndrome during the seizure). First, the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) with the Multi-Resolution Analysis (MRA) is applied to decompose EEG(More)
The early signs of brain ischemia are key indicators of secondary brain injury and their recognition on time can ultimately save life. Direct recording of cerebral ischemia is possible using the method of cerebral microdialysis (CM). This paper presents results of the five-year experience in applying this method at University Department of Neurosurgery,(More)
There is no such science as medicine where half life is 7 years, what means that in 3-4 years 50% of current knowledge will be wrong. If doctors use old techniques and methods then they will cure patients wrongly. Very fast and rapid increase of biomedical sciences and medical information in certain way force medical professionals to continuity learning in(More)
Trauma is number one cause of death in young population in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Department of Neurosurgery, Clinical Center Unversity of Sarajevo (CCUS), as a representative of Bosnia & Herzegovina, participated in the International Research-Treat-Traumatic brain injury project over a span of three years with the main objective to save the lives of(More)
Distance learning or learning from the distance represents the educative technique with occupies all more significant place in the actual medical education of the healthcare workers at the international plan, specuale in the domains of the postgraduated and continuous medical education. It represents the educative technique of the significant effectivness,(More)
The complex craniofacial surgery of solitary bone plasmacytoma (SBP) of the skull base with excellent postoperative outcome was presented. This surgical management was result of the team approach and strategy of neurosurgeon (KD) and maxillofacial surgeon (TM). SBP of the skull base is very rare condition which should be treated by radical microsurgical(More)
In this paper we are presenting the application of Multislice CT Scan (MSCT) as a part of radiological treatment in a female patient with avascular necrosis of head and neck of the right femur, which occurred as a consequence of developmental hip dysplasia. The left hip joint of the patient was previously replaced by a prosthetic implant.
AIM In this paper we discuss the Neurosurgical Training Programme (NTP) in some European countries. MATERIAL AND METHODS Although there is no official data on how many neurosurgeons are certified in Europe, our calculation shows that this number is somewhat lower than in the United States of America and even 3 times lower than in Japan (per 100.000(More)
The 4th Congress of Infectiologists of Bosnia-Herzegovina with international participation was held in Konjic, on 30. May to 02. June 2012. In addition to the prominent infectious disease experts from almost all university centers in B&H, the teachers at medical schools in Bosnia-Herzegovina, infectious disease specialists who work in health institutions in(More)
The perioperative management of a deeply comatose patient (Glasgow Coma Score, GCS 5) following a spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage is presented. Six intracranial aneurysms of the anterior circulation were discovered at operation, contrary to angiographic findings. These were successfully clipped by the author (KD). Postoperatively, the patient's cerebral(More)