Ibrahim Marwan

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Liver transplantation is an effective therapy for end stage liver disease. Nevertheless in many areas of the world organ availability remains a major problem. We report here the success of the first living-related liver transplantation in Africa. The left lateral lobe of the mother was transplanted orthotopically to her 6 year old child suffering from liver(More)
PURPOSE To retrospectively review anesthesia and intensive care management of 145 consented volunteers subjected to right lobe or left hepatectomy between 2003 and 2011. METHODS After local ethics committee approval, anesthetic and intensive care charts, blood transfusion requirements, laboratory data, complications and outcome of donors were analyzed. (More)
In Egypt there is no doubt that chronic liver diseases are a major health concern. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) prevalence among the 15-59 years age group is estimated to be 14.7%. The high prevalence of chronic liver diseases has led to increasing numbers of Egyptian patients suffering from end stage liver disease (ESLD), necessitating liver transplantation(More)
Open (OC) or laparoscopic (LC) cholecystectomy is considered a relative contraindication in patients with liver cirrhosis. The effect of LC and OC on the hepatic catabolic stress response was studied in patients with postnecrotic liver cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis to define the most suitable procedure from a metabolic point of view. Altogether 14(More)
PURPOSE To study coagulation of live liver donors with standard coagulation tests (SCT) and rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM) and investigate their relationship. METHODS A descriptive prospective study involving 50 right hepatotomy donors with epidural catheters. ROTEM (EXTEM, INTEM, and FIBTEM represent extrinsic and intrinsic pathways of coagulation(More)
OBJECTIVES Liver transplant performed for hepatocellular carcinoma must adhere to criteria for the size and number of focal hepatic lesions to lower the incidence of recurrence and achieve survival rates comparable to patients transplanted for other indications. Since the Milan criteria were established in 1996, there have been many less restrictive(More)
The liver transplantation experience of 11 countries in the League of Arab States is presented in this Regional Perspective and provided in an ongoing series of such perspectives through the auspices of The Transplantation Society (1Y3). The history and current experience of 27 liver transplant centers throughout these 11 countries is a seminal recording of(More)
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