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A number of prenylated benzoic acids derivatives with interesting biological activities have been previously isolated and characterized from different species of piperaceae family. Several Piper species contained structurally similar compounds with diverse biological activities such as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, insecticidal as well as anti-parasitic all(More)
Maerua angolensis DC is traditionally used for the treatment of epilepsy and insomnia. The present study was designed to investigate the anxiolytic, sedative and toxicological effect of hydromethanolic stem bark extract of M. angolensis using animal model. Sub-chronic doses of the plant extract on liver and kidney function test were investigated. Elevated(More)
Uridine-cytidine kinase 2 is implicated in uncontrolled proliferation of abnormal cells and it is a hallmark of cancer, therefore, there is need for effective inhibitors of this key enzyme. In this study, we employed the used of in silico studies to find effective UCK2 inhibitors of natural origin using bioinformatics tools. An in vitro kinase assay was(More)
BACKGROUND Clausena excavata Burm.f. is a shrub traditionally used to treat cancer patients in Asia. The main bioactive chemical components of the plant are alkaloids and coumarins. In this study, we isolated clausenidin from the roots of C. excavata to determine its apoptotic effect on the colon cancer (HT-29) cell line. METHOD We examined the effect of(More)
The increasing rate of mortality ensued from breast cancer has encouraged research into safer and efficient therapy. The human Estrogen receptor α has been implicated in the majority of reported breast cancer cases. Molecular docking employing Glide, Schrodinger suite 2015, was used to study the binding affinities of small molecules from the Artocarpus(More)
This study was designed to investigate the alteration of redox status by commonly used antimalarials in Nigeria. Drugs used were artemisinin, artesunate, chloroquine, coartem and quinine at the final concentrations of 0.5-8.0 mg/mL. Blood samples were collected from malarial patients and apparently healthy humans for comparison. Reduced glutathione,(More)
Cancer is a disease that affects a significant number of both rural and urban dwellers. Among the various types of cancer, breast cancer is one of the most common diagnosed cancers among females. Its menace can be curbed with locally consumed spices due to their multiple bioactive phytochemicals. This review focuses on the breast cancer chemopreventive and(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer has been reported to be among the frequently diagnosed cancer in women worldwide despite advances in early detection and treatment. Several drugs are currently used for chemoprevention as a result of a number of drawbacks associated with breast cancer therapy. AIM This review focuses on the metabolism and toxicological(More)
Recent advances in functional foods-based research have increasingly become an area of major interest because it affects human health and activities. Functional foods are classes of foods with health promoting and disease preventing properties in addition to multiple nutritional values and of such type is honey. Acacia honey is a type of honey produced by(More)