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With the growing number of aging population and a significant portion of that suffering from cardiac diseases, it is conceivable that remote ECG patient monitoring systems are expected to be widely used as point-of-care (PoC) applications in hospitals around the world. Therefore, huge amount of ECG signal collected by body sensor networks from remote(More)
As today's network infrastructure continues to grow and Differentiated Services IP backbones are now available to provide various levels of quality of service (QoS) to VPN traffic, the ability to manage increasing network complexity is considered as a crucial factor for QoS enabled VPN solutions. There is growing trend by corporate customers to outsource(More)
This paper demonstrates subject recognition using electrocardiogram (ECG) signal in different physiological conditions. A total of 30 subjects used in this study were obtained from a non-invasive measurement called the Revitus ECG module. Each subject performed six physiological activities which are walking, going upstairs, going downstairs, natural gait,(More)
In Wireless telecardiology applications, an ECG signal is often transmitted without any patient details which are often supplied separately as clear text. This allows the possibility of confusion of link between signal and identity (for example, with wireless signal collision attacks). ECG data transmission can be more robustly tied to either patient(More)