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With the growing number of aging population and a significant portion of that suffering from cardiac diseases, it is conceivable that remote ECG patient monitoring systems are expected to be widely used as point-of-care (PoC) applications in hospitals around the world. Therefore, huge amount of ECG signal collected by body sensor networks from remote(More)
With the increase of demand for remote cardiac monitoring for elderly patients, medical service providers are facing a challenging problem: how to efficiently transmit continuous holter ECG data over often bandwidth constrained wireless network so that transmitted data is quality-wise good enough for doctors or automated computer systems to detect(More)
With cardiovascular disease as the number one killer of modern era, Electrocardiogram (ECG) is collected, stored and transmitted in greater frequency than ever before. However, in reality, ECG is rarely transmitted and stored in a secured manner. Recent research shows that eavesdropper can reveal the identity and cardiovascular condition from an intercepted(More)
As today's network infrastructure continues to grow and Differentiated Services IP backbones are now available to provide various levels of quality of service (QoS) to VPN traffic, the ability to manage increasing network complexity is considered as a crucial factor for QoS enabled VPN solutions. There is growing trend by corporate customers to outsource(More)
Clustering algorithms have emerged as an alternative powerful meta-learning tool to accurately analyze the massive volume of data generated by modern applications. In particular, their main goal is to categorize data into clusters such that objects are grouped in the same cluster when they are similar according to specific metrics. There is a vast body of(More)
In this paper we propose a new Legendre Polynomials based ECG biometric technique that can efficiently be used for person indentification and authentication. we apply high-order Legendre Polynomials on QRS Complex of ECG which is considered one of the most unique signature bearing parts. We show that coefficients generated from various degrees of polynomial(More)
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) being the number one killer for many of the developed nations, real-time patient monitoring via the mobile phone network is increasingly becoming popular. The CVD patients, as subscribers for the CVD monitoring service providers, access to the facilities before initiating the dedicated services. However, this authentication must(More)