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INTRODUCTION Internal hernias are neglected, life threatening and generally mismanaged surgical pathologies. They may be either acquired or congenital. The mortality and morbidity rates differ between the types and unfortunately reports investigating them are very rare, with limited number of patients, and mostly case reports. In this one of the largest(More)
BACKGROUND Early diagnosis is the main factor to improve the outcome of acute mesenteric ischemia (AMI). The goal of this study was to assess the correlation of the D-dimer test and biphasic computed tomography (CT) with mesenteric CT angiography for the diagnosis of AMI. METHODS Selected consecutive patients with a clinical suspicion of AMI were admitted(More)
BACKGROUND Echinococcosis is a zoonotic disease that mainly occurs in sheep-grazing areas. Recurrence of the disease and its diagnosis are relatively new areas of investigation due to the limited number of cases. The aim of this study was to evaluate the diagnosis of the symptomatic recurrent liver hydatid disease and the efficacy of abdominal(More)
Rectal carcinoids comprise 12.6% of all carcinoid tumors and represent the third largest group of the gut carcinoids. A 64-year-old woman was diagnosed as high-grade neuroendocrine carcinoma. She had liver, bone, and bone marrow metastasis. Carcinoid syndrome was diagnosed due to diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, and high level of 24-hour urinary(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new iterative method to …nd a common solution of a generalized mixed equilibrium problem, a variational inequality problem and a hierarchical …xed point problem for a demicontinuous nearly nonexpansive mapping. We prove that the proposed method converges strongly to a common solution of above problems under the suitable(More)
Even though liver biopsy is critical for evaluating chronic hepatitis and fibrosis, it is an invasive, costly, and difficult to standardize approach. The developments in medical image processing and artificial intelligence methods have advanced the potential of using computer-aided diagnosis techniques in the classification of liver tissues. The aim of this(More)
Cushing's syndrome (CS) may lead to severe maternal and fetal morbidities and even mortalities in pregnancy. However, pregnancy complicates the diagnosis and treatment of CS. This study describes a 26-year-old pregnant woman admitted with hypertension-induced headache. Hormonal analyses performed due to her cushingoid phenotype revealed a diagnosis of(More)
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