Ibrahim Iskander

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The effect of water activity (a(w)) on the heat resistance of eight strains of Salmonella was studied. Heat resistance of the organisms increased as the a(w) of the heating menstruum was reduced. Sucrose afforded the cells a greater degree of protection than did fructose, glycerol, and sorbitol. A direct correlation between a(w) and heat resistance could(More)
Cellular immunity was studied in patients with atrophic rhinitis using the in vitro leucocyte migration and the spontaneous rosette tests. Cellular hypersensitivity to crude nasal homogenate was detected in 90 per cent of our cases as shown by inhibition of the leucocyte migration. The spontaneous rosette test showed a reduction in the number of T-cells(More)
Tissue typing performed on the lymphocytes of 41 patients, including: 23 patients with ichthyosis (15 of autosomal dominant and 8 of the x-linked variety; 8 patients with tuberous sclerosis (epiloia); and 10 patients with acrodermatitis enteropathica (AEP). In addition, tissue typing was performed for a control group of 80 healthy unrelated subjects of the(More)
The present case study describes our experience in treating a young woman diagnosed with a relapsing case of diffuse large cell lymphoma, who was heavily pre-treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Our only chance to improve her survival was by using high-dose chemotherapy, followed by peripheral stem cell rescue. Unfortunately, in this patient,(More)
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