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Little is known on the diversity and public health significance of Echinococcus species in livestock in Egypt. In this study, 37 individual hydatid cysts were collected from dromedary camels (n=28), sheep (n=7) and buffalos (n=2). DNA was extracted from protoscoleces/germinal layer of individual cysts and amplified by PCR targeting nuclear (actin II) and(More)
A prototype Expert System is developed using CLIPS package considering the power system operator's heuristic together with the aid of load flow calculations. Sets of facts about system operation and rules are extracted, the goal of which is to find, very fast, all available Restoration Plans, which assist the operators in making fast judgment, to restore(More)
Distributed Generation (DG) technologies are gaining more popularity as an option to satisfy customer energy and capacity needs. On the other hand, DG technologies have the potential to provide better service at a lower cost in many applications since the extra capital expenditure in transmission and distribution grid reinforcement is avoided. Several(More)
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