Ibrahim Haroun

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In this work, we propose the use of elevated center coplanar waveguide (EC-CPW) transmission lines in CMOS technology to alleviate the technology limitations of achieving extreme impedances with conventional CPW lines, particularly, high impedances. High impedance lines are required to facilitate the design of matching networks and to reduce the size of the(More)
A compact 60-GHz band branch-line coupler using cpacitively loaded lower-ground coplanar-waveguide (LG-CPW) lines has been successfully demonstrated in a glass-substrate integrated passive device technology. The fabricated coupler has a size reduction of more than 83% compared to that of a conventional CPW branch-line coupler. The capacitive loading is(More)
A 60 GHz reduced-size branch-line coupler has been developed using elevated-center coplanar waveguide (EC-CPW) transmission lines. The coupler is fabricated in a 90 nm CMOS technology and has a chip area of 0.102 mm<sup>2</sup>. The measurements indicated an amplitude-imbalance of 0.7 dB and a phase difference of 88 degrees at 60 GHz, a return loss of(More)
A V-band low-noise, high gain, high linearity single-stage amplifier has been developed in a 90-nm CMOS technology. The design utilized modified co-planar waveguide transmission lines for the input/output matching networks, to avoid lines' width and spacing constraints and to sustain small chip area and low cost fabrication. The developed amplifier(More)
This paper presents a comparison of the design and implementation of V-band quasi-elliptic band pass filters suitable for system-on-package integration at millimetre-wave frequencies. Filters were designed and manufactured at low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) and alumina substrates. Filter circuits include the input/output coplanar waveguide to(More)
A compact 24-26 GHz low loss 4&#x00D7;4 Butler matrix is implemented in an IPD (integrated passive device) technology and presented in this paper. A modified coplanar waveguide (M-CPW) branch line coupler is utilized as the core element of the Butler matrix. The proposed Butler matrix occupies a chip area of 2.2 &#x00D7; 1.9 mm<sup>2</sup> (excluding the(More)
A radio-over-fiber RF front end is being developed for multi-band operation covering 700 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 60 GHz. The RF front-end of the system was implemented on FR4 substrate and the optical part of the system was implemented using commercial components. Initially, a 700 MHz system based on 2.4GHz WLAN was demonstrated and achieved a 6-Mbps data rate(More)
A reduced size rat-race coupler is proposed and designed for operation in the 60-GHz band (57&#x2013;64 GHz) and is implemented in a glass-substrate IPD (Integrated Passive Devices) technology. A size reduction of 75% compared to that of a conventional rat-race coupler has been achieved by using high impedance lower-ground coplanar waveguide (LG-CPW)(More)
A 90-nm CMOS single-stage low-noise amplifier with vertical planar waveguide (VPW) matching elements for use in millimeter-wave (mmW) transceivers has been developed and tested. The experimental results showed a noise figure of less than 4.1 dB and a gain higher than 10 dB in a frequency range of 57&#x2013;58 GHz, and an input third-order intercept (IIP3)(More)
A reduced-size, low-cost, low insertion loss power divider operating over a very broad bandwidth from 57-86GHz is designed, manufactured, tested, and presented in this paper. The proposed design is fabricated in a glass-substrate IPD (integrated passive device) technology and has a chip area of 0.435&#x00D7;0.36 mm<sup>2</sup>. A size-reduction of 33%(More)