Ibrahim El Hassan

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Malaria infection and disease exhibit microgeographic heterogeneity which if predictable could have implications for designing small-area intervention. Here, the space-time clustering of Plasmodium falciparum infections using data from repeat cross-sectional surveys in Gezira State, a low transmission area in northern Sudan, is investigated. Data from(More)
—The ability to predict or confirm ferroresonance depends primarily on the correctness of the transformer model used by the computer simulation. Ferroresonance is introduced and a general modeling approach is given. An overview of available literature and contributors to this area is provided. A simple case of ferroresonance in a single phase transformer is(More)
Ampicillin bioavailability was examined using the urinary excretion method, in healthy subjects and patients with: viral hepatitis, primary hepatocellular carcinoma and hepatosplenic schistosomiasis. A single dose of 500 mg ampicillin was administered intravenously in each case. Viral hepatitis patients gave similar results to healthy subjects. Primary(More)
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