Ibrahim B. Küçükdemiral

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This paper addresses the design method for robust PID like controllers which guarantee the quadratic stability, performance in terms of H<sub>2</sub> and H<sub>infin</sub> specifications, pole locations and maximum output control. The approach is based on the transformation of the PID controller design problem to that of state feedback controller design(More)
In this study we consider the control of a three link planar robot manipulator. Specifically we use PD, PID and fuzzy type controllers. We then illustrate how PD, PID controllers can be designed. We also illustrate how to design a fuzzy logic controller for the robot manipulator. We follow the computed torque method strategy to develop our controllers. We(More)
The studies carried out with the objective of minimizing the effects of congestion, delay and environment problems on the transportation network have gained increasing importance in the last years. Among these studies, short-term traffic flow and average vehicle speed forecasting methods have come into prominence due to their easy implementations, efficient(More)
This paper addresses the problem of position tracking control of robot manipulators in the presence of parametric uncertainty and additive periodic disturbances. Specifically, a self tuning, Lyapunov-based adaptive controller with desired dynamics compensation term and a disturbance estimator has been designed to ensure that the link position tracking error(More)
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