Ibrahim Al-Naimi

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Research concern has been specified on automatic identification and tracking of people within the home environment to support smart home services. Although various approaches have been proposed to deal with this problem, solutions still remain untackled due to various reasons (e.g. user acceptance). The aim of this paper is to develop and implement an(More)
Significant research efforts have been directed toward human identification and tracking approaches as an infrastructure for supporting innovative smart home services. Even though various approaches have been proposed to tackle this problem, solutions still remain elusive due to various reasons. The aim of this paper is to develop and implement an advanced(More)
The wide availability of services and devices within contemporary smart home environments make their management a challenging and rewarding task. Maintaining complex smart home systems throughout their lifecycle entails considerable resources and effort. These challenges have stimulated the need for dynamic auto-configurable services amongst such(More)
Automatic indoor human tracking has attracted noticeable research concern recently due to the increasing demands for enhancing the majority of the offered services within smart home environment. Many human tracking approaches have been suggested and discussed. However, the problem of reliable human tracking remains untackled. The aim of this paper is to(More)
As mechatronics engineers, we intend to combine more than one system together, produce new technologies and facilities for everyone and make life easier. Combining different systems together can dot it. We chose parking areas to be our interest. The exotic parking's main goal is simple “saving time”. This requires facilities and technologies.(More)
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