Ibrahim Al-Harkan

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مغر اقبسم ةددحم ديروتلا ةرتف نأ ضارتفاب نوزخملا لئاسم لجل ىلثملا ةسايسلا ديدحت متي ام ةداع اهنأ ت رصانع ةدع نم نوكت ةلباق ل لثم مكحتل ليغشتلا تقو ، لإا ةرتف دادع ، نمز اظتنلاا ر ، ةلوانملا ةدم ، و ةعفدلا صحف ةدم . ةعجارم ماظن ةساردب موقن ةقرولا هذه يف يئاوشعلا عباطلا وذ رمتسملا نوزخملا دادعلإا تقوو ةعفدلا مجح ىلع ديروتلا ةرتف دمتعت امدنع . جتانآ اهريدقت(More)
Since the industrial revolution, technology has been changing at a rapid pace. In the twenty-first century globalization has created enormous pressure on both the corporate and public sector in terms of market reform and privatization, which have resulted in short to medium term contracting in engineering and management. This paper attempts to define the(More)
This paper presents a practical oriented work which focuses on how Knowledge Management (KM) has embraced Information Technology Management (ITM), specifically, key aspects such as knowledge activities, strategies, leadership, tools, systems, training, culture,¿, etc. The article talks about the future plans towards IT enabled KM System/ Tools Development(More)
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