Ibrahim A. Ahmad

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In this investigation, the problem of estimating the probability density function of a function of m independent identically distributed random variables, g(X1,X2, ...,Xm) is considered. The choice of the bandwidth in the kernel density estimation is very important. Several approaches are known for the choice of bandwidth in the kernel smoothing methods for(More)
PURPOSE To better establish the incidence of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) after knee arthroscopy without prophylaxis. TYPE OF STUDY Meta-analysis. METHODS A MEDLINE search was performed to find published English-language studies of DVT following knee arthroscopy. Strict inclusion criteria required any investigation included for analysis to (1) be(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate compliance of dental students in a Saudi dental school with recommended infection control protocols. A pilot-tested questionnaire concerning various aspects of infection control practices was distributed to 330 dental students. The response rate was 93.9% (n = 311). About 99% of students recorded the medical history(More)
INTRODUCTION The knowledge of root canal anatomy is essential to ensure a successful outcome of surgical and nonsurgical root canal treatment. The aims of this article were to present 2 cases of maxillary molars with 3 mesiobuccal root canals and to review the available literature on this anatomic variation. METHODS The first case described a nonsurgical(More)
INTRODUCTION Sound knowledge of the external and internal morphology of the different teeth groups is essential to ensure a successful outcome of root canal treatment. The aims of this study were to review the available literature with respect to the root and root canal morphology of maxillary first premolars and discuss the clinical considerations of this(More)
Introduction: developmental oral lesions represent a group of normal lesions that can be found at birth or evident in later life. These lesions include fissured and geographic tongue, Fordyce’s granules and leukoedema. Study aims: to investigate the prevalence of some developmental oral mucosal lesions among dental patients wearing dentures who were(More)
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