Ibraheem Alolyan

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The conventional Linear Programming (LP) model requires the parameters to be known as constants. In the real world, however, the parameters are seldom known exactly and have to be estimated. Interval programming is one of the tools to tackle uncertainty in mathematical programming models. In this paper, we consider LP problem whose coefficients are(More)
The usual ordering “≤" on R is a total ordering, that is, for any two real numbers in R, we can determine their order without difficulty. However, for any two closed intervals in R, there is not a natural ordering among the set of all closed intervals in R. Several methods have been developed to compare two intervals. In this paper, we define the μ-ordering(More)
Exclusion algorithms have been used recently to find all solutions of a system of nonlinear equations or to find the global minimum of a function over a compact domain. These algorithms are based on a minimization condition that can be applied to each cell in the domain. In this paper, we consider Lipschitz functions of order and give a newminimization(More)
In this article we develop a family of three explicit symmetric linear four-step methods. The new methods, with nullified phase-lag, are optimized for the efficient solution of the Schrödinger equation and related oscillatory problems. We perform an analysis of the local truncation error of the methods for the general case and for the special case of the(More)
Computing a zero of a continuous function is an old and extensively researched problem in numerical computation. In this paper, we present an efficient subdivision algorithm for finding all real roots of a function in multiple variables. This algorithm is based on a simple computationally verifiable necessity test for existence of a root in any compact set.(More)
The periodic wave solution for the generalized Hirota-Satsuma system was obtained by using the F-expansion method which can be thought of as a generalization of the Jacobi elliptic function method proposed recently. The Adomian decomposition method is used to solve the same system numerically and the approximate solution is compared with the exact solution.(More)
Polynomial equations with perturbed coefficients arise in several areas of engineering sciences, for instance, in automatic control theory, dynamical systems, optimization and in control theory. For such equations, it is necessary to study their roots and to establish a priori estimates to define regions containing such roots. Attending to the fact that(More)