Ibolya Till

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Cannabinoid ligands have wide ranging neural and behavioral effects; therefore, they are of substantial therapeutic interest. The levels of cannabinoids are tightly controlled in brain infusion and in vitro methodologies, although the studied dose-ranges are extremely wide (e.g. 0.4-470 nmol in brain infusion studies). The brain levels reached after(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The gene(s) encoding for endomorphin precursor(s) is/are still unknown. We have raised the possibility of and did find some evidence for a potential de novo biosynthetic route starting from Tyr-Pro precursor. To pursue further this possibility we measured the generation of immunoreactive endomorphin-2 (E2-IR) in adult rat isolated L4,5(More)
Several lines of recent evidence suggest that endocannabinoids affect behavior by influencing the general patterns of challenge responding. Here, we investigated the brain mechanisms underlying this phenomenon in rats. The anandamide hydrolysis inhibitor URB597 was condensed into the tip of stainless steel cannulae, which were chronically implanted slightly(More)
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