Iberia Medeiros

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Web application security is an important problem in today's internet. A major cause of this status is that many programmers do not have adequate knowledge about secure coding, so they leave applications with vulnerabilities. An approach to solve this problem is to use source code static analysis to find these bugs, but these tools are known to report many(More)
Although a large research effort on web application security has been going on for more than a decade, the security of web applications continues to be a challenging problem. An important part of that problem derives from vulnerable source code, often written in unsafe languages like PHP. Source code static analysis tools are a solution to find(More)
Industry is using power meters to monitor the consumption of energy and achieving cost savings. This monitoring often involves energy metering software with a web interface. However, web applications often have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber-attacks. We present an approach and a tool to solve this problem by analyzing the application source(More)
After more than a decade of research, web application security continues to be a challenge and the backend database the most appetizing target. The paper proposes preventing injection attacks against the database management system (DBMS) behind web applications by embedding protections in the DBMS itself. The motivation is twofold. First, the approach of(More)
The level structure of 149Pm has been investigated by studying the gamma rays emitted following the beta(-) decay of 149Nd (T(1/2)=1.7h). The singles and the gammagamma coincidence spectra were taken using HPGe detectors with high energy resolution. The energy and relative intensities of 198 gamma rays have been determined, 45 for the first time and several(More)
Although security starts to be taken into account during software development, the tendency for source code to contain vulnerabilities persists. Open source static analysis tools provide a sensible approach to mitigate this problem. However, these tools are programmed to detect a specific set of vulnerabilities and they are often difficult to extend to(More)
Concentrations of (137)Cs, K and Na in fruits of lemon (Citrus limon B.) and of K and Na in fruits of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) trees were measured by both gamma spectrometry and neutron activation analysis, with the aim to understand the behaviour of monovalent inorganic cations in tropical plants as well as the plant ability to store these elements.(More)
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