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This paper introduces a simple and computationally efficient algorithm for conversion formulae between moments and cumulants. The algorithm provides just one formula for classical, boolean and free cu-mulants. This is realized by using a suitable polynomial representation of Abel polynomials. The algorithm relies on the classical umbral calculus , a(More)
By a symbolic method, we introduce multivariate Bernoulli and Euler polynomials as powers of polynomials whose coefficients involve multivariate Lévy processes. Many properties of these polynomials are stated straightforwardly thanks to this representation, which could be easily implemented in any symbolic manipulation system. A very simple relation between(More)
BACKGROUND To assess the impact of a real-time random safety tool on structure, process and outcome indicators. METHODS Prospective study conducted over a period of 12 months in two adult patient intensive care units. Safety rounds were conducted three days a week ascertaining 37 safety measures (grouped into 10 blocks). In each round, 50% of the patients(More)
Objectives To evaluate the clinical usefulness of lung biopsy in ventilated patients admitted to an Intensive Care Unit. Methods Retrospective descriptive study that included 16 ventilated patients admitted to the ICU, which underwent a lung biopsy between 2008 and 2013.oalveolar lavage (BAL), radiological pattern and histology, were analyzed. Changes in(More)
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