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The validation of the results obtained by clustering algorithms is a fundamental part of the clustering process. The most used approaches for cluster validation are based on internal cluster validity indices. Although many indices have been proposed, there is no recent extensive comparative study of their performance. In this paper we show the results of an(More)
Matrix transposition is a basic operation for several computing tasks. Hence, transposing a matrix in a computer’s main memory has been well studied since many years ago. More recently, the out-of-place matrix transposition has been performed efficiently in graphical processing units (GPU), which are broadly used today for general purpose computing.(More)
Class imbalance problems have lately become an important area of study in machine learning and are often solved using intelligent resampling methods to balance the class distribution. The aim of this work is to show that balancing the class distribution is not always the best solution when intelligent resampling methods are used, i.e. there is often a class(More)
Passenger's transportation in urban areas is an increasing problem in the current society. The expansion of the current roads is not an adequate solution to this problem but the passenger's transportation has to be planned in order to mitigate the negative effects that originates: traffic congestion, accidents, pollution, etc.
Malware detection is an important problem today. New malware appears every day and in order to be able to detect it, it is important to recognize families of existing malware. Data mining techniques will be very helpful in this context; concretely unsupervised learning methods will be adequate. This work presents a comparison of the behaviour of two(More)
This paper presents an analysis of the behaviour of Consolidated Trees, CT (classification trees induced from multiple subsamples but without loss of explaining capacity). We analyse how CT trees behave when used to solve a fraud detection problem in a car insurance company. This domain has two important characteristics: the explanation given to the(More)