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The majority of breast cancers are estrogen responsive, but upon progression of disease other growth promoting pathways are activated, e.g., the ErbB receptor system. The present study focuses on resistance to the pure estrogen antagonist fulvestrant and strategies to treat resistant cells or even circumvent development of resistance. Limited effects were(More)
The effect of cortisol on plasma immunoglobulin G (IgG) levels and on jejunal transport of sodium and glucose has been investigated in neonatal pigs (0-7 days of age). Five pigs were delivered vaginally (VD) at term (114-115 days gestation) and thirty-five by caesarean section (CS) 2-4 days before term (to circumvent a neonatal cortisol surge). Postnatally,(More)
The changes in pH, pCO2, pO2, BE and SBC during storage of venous porcine blood during 24 hours at different temperatures were measured (Table I) and illustrated in Fig 1. Correction table (Table III) for determination of the initial acid-base data are constructed based upon the regression equations in Table II. The changes in the acid-base values of swine(More)
To examine serum YKL-40 in women developing gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). In the present large observational cohort study of 1179 pregnant women, we determined serum YKL-40 four times during pregnancy (at gestational age 12, 20, 25, and 32 weeks). Pregnancy outcome was obtained from medical records. Sixty-eight women (5.8%) developed GDM. Serum(More)
The accuracy of porcine pregnancy diagnosis by a newly developed ultrasonic A-scan tester (developed by Medimatic A/S) is reported. A test to control the accuracy of the equipment showed that 63 observations were correctly designated as pregnant 30-50 days after the last breeding and 31 observations were correctly designated nonpregnant. 2 sows, rated(More)
213 caesarean sections and 157 hysterectomies were carried out in gilts and sows with different body weight (table I). The neuroleptic Azaperone and the hypnotic Metomidate were used for anaesthesia with different administration (table II). Local analgesia and premedication with Atropine. The duration of the anaesthesia was 45 minutes and where prolongation(More)