Ibáñez Martínez

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When rats are mated in a traditional mating chamber (with one male and one female) in which the male dictates the pace of the copulatory sequence, males develop a reward state as evaluated by conditioned place preference (CPP). In this mating situation no reward state is induced in females. However, when female rats are able to control (pace) the rate of(More)
Sexual behavior in male rats induces a positive affect as evaluated by conditioned place preference (CPP). In addition, when females control or "pace" the rate of sexual interaction, a clear CPP is also observed. The reward state induced by mating in male rats is blocked by the injection of the opioid antagonist naloxone. In the present experiment, a dose(More)
Introduction. This article presents the partial results of an interdisciplinary research study that is part of a wider innovation project funded by the University of Salamanca. Objectives. The main objectives of the study are to identify the gender roles represented in the Spanish television programmes produced during the 1960s, 1980s and 2000s in order to(More)
Ultrasound examinations were carried out in 693 volunteers from the health care personnel of the Hospital de Clinicas of Montevideo, with the aim of studying the prevalence of gallbladder gallstones in Uruguay, the proportion of symptomatic and asymptomatic people and its association to some definite risk factors. The prevalence found was 10.4%, which,(More)
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