Iary Ravaoarimanana

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Population and locus-specific reduction of variability of polymorphic loci could be an indication of positive selection at a linked site (selective sweep) and therefore point toward genes that have been involved in recent adaptations. Analysis of microsatellite variability offers a way to identify such regions and to ask whether they occur more often than(More)
Evolutionary relationships of different populations of the threatened malagasy lemur Lepilemur septentrionalis were assessed by sequence analysis of mitochondrial DNA (D-loop region and partial Cyt b gene). One hundred and fifty nine samples were collected from five main different localities in the northern part of Madagascar. We applied the phylogenetic(More)
Partial cytochrome b sequences were used to study relationships between three Lepilemuridae species (Lepilemur dorsalis, L. septentrionalis and L. leucopus) and other Lemuridae species. L. dorsalis were subdivided into two sub-groups, according to their capture area (Nosy-Be island and Sahamalaza peninsula). Relationships deduced from phylogenetic trees as(More)
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