Iara de Moraes Xavier

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We use a decimation procedure in order to obtain the dynamical renormalization group transformation (RGT) properties of random walk distribution in a 1+1 lattice. We obtain an equation similar to the Chapman-Kolmogorov equation. First we show the existence of invariants through the RGT. We also show the existence of functions which are semi-invariants(More)
This study is a part of a research that comments the relation between Nursing Knowledge and AIDS. The actual period of time is treated like a period of transition between the modern science and one new paradigm. This is called post-modern science. It brings the dynamics of AIDS in Brazil after the registration of 79,908 cases from 1980 to 1996. The main(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate the adherence of the Pedagogic Projects of Nursing Graduation Courses (PPC/ENF) to the National Guidelines for the Curriculum of Nursing Graduation Courses (DCN/ENF). It was a descriptive study that compared the information obtained from the reports of the PPC/ENF and the proposals of DCN/ENF, using data collected(More)
This study aims to discuss the relevance of the adhesion group on the quality of life of HIV-positive women who take part in that activity at a Centro Municipal de Saúde (Rio de Janeiro--Brazil). It is a descriptive investigation with a qualitative approach. It focus on eight women infected by their steady partner. The theoretical referential is constituted(More)
The present article has as its main objective the discussion of the risky relationship between sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and the HIV/AIDS under the perspective of gender and sexuality. It presents the increase of AIDS among women as a consequence of social, political, cultural and economic relations. The study uses an exploratory methodology of(More)
This study aimed, starting from the index of adherence of the Pedagogical Projects of the Undergraduate Nursing Courses to the National Curriculum Rules for these Courses, to analyze qualitatively potentialities and weak points of the courses. It is a descriptive, comparative study, between the present data in the PP/UNC and the proposed in the NCR/UNC,(More)
This study is aimed at contributing to the transformation movement to be developed in the Nursing Courses/Schools. The contribution refers to the formation of nurses with autonomy and discernment, to ensure the construction of the model of health attention, to the production of new knowledge and to the delivery of quality services directed to the health(More)
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