Ianisse Quinzán

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In this contribution a feature selection method in semi-supervised problems is proposed. This method selects variables using a feature clustering strategy, using a combination of supervised and unsupervised feature distance measure, which is based on Conditional Mutual Information and Conditional Entropy. Real databases were analyzed with different ratios(More)
The early analysis of pigmented skin lesions is important for clinicians in order to recognize malignant melanoma. However, it is difficult to differentiate it from benign skin lesions due to their similarity based on their appearance. Since melanoma has a tendency to grow inside the skin and the depth of penetration of light into the skin is wavelength(More)
A method consisting of the combination of the Synthetic Minority Over-Sampling TEchnique (SMOTE) and the Sequential Forward Floating Selection (SFFS) technique is used to do band selection in a highly imbalanced, small size, two-class multispectral dataset of melanoma and non-melanoma lesions. The aim is to improve classification rate and help to identify(More)
Feature reduction is one kind of pattern recognition and decision making technique, which can be achieved by using Fuzzy Weighted Gaussian Mixture Model (FWGMM) based on the Gaussian Mixture Model. This model helps to find relevant features by using Fuzzy ordered weighted average, which leads to determine the similarity of the density mixture. The salient(More)
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