Ian Wood

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Ray Solomonoff invented the notion of universal induction featuring an aptly termed " universal " prior probability function over all possible computable environments [9]. The essential property of this prior was its ability to dominate all other such priors. Later, Levin introduced another construction — a mixture of all possible priors or " universal(More)
Keywords: iron sulfide phase transformation magnetic property high pressure first principles calculation evolutionary crystal structure prediction Iron sulfide (FeS) was investigated using first-principles calculations up to a pressure of 400 GPa. A number of new phase transitions were found. An antiferromagnetic MnP-type structure, FeS II, was confirmed to(More)
— Metaheuristics such as Estimation of Distribution Algorithms and the Cross-Entropy method use probabilistic modelling and inference to generate candidate solutions in optimization problems. The model fitting task in this class of algorithms has largely been carried out to date based on maximum likelihood. An alternative approach that is prevalent in(More)
The observed shear-wave velocity VS in Earth's core is much lower than expected from mineralogical models derived from both calculations and experiments. A number of explanations have been proposed, but none sufficiently explain the seismological observations. Using ab initio molecular dynamics simulations, we obtained the elastic properties of hexagonal(More)