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Technological and clinical advances have led to increased levels of patient dependency and shorter hospital stay, such that they are now often managed on general wards. Have staff been trained or educated for this change in focus? This project was designed to identify the education and training needs of health care professionals in assessing and managing(More)
Accurately identifying duplicate records between multiple data sources is a persistent problem that continues to plague organizations and researchers alike. Small inconsistencies between records can prevent detection between two otherwise identical records. In this paper, we present a new probabilistic h-gram (hash gram) record matching technique by(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide an update on glycaemic control in European patients with type 2 diabetes based on data from the nine-country, cross-sectional PANORAMA study (NCT00916513). DESIGN Post-hoc analysis to report the number of patients achieving/not achieving glycaemic goal (HbA(1c) <7%). PATIENTS Patients were randomly or consecutively selected from(More)
— Metaheuristics such as Estimation of Distribution Algorithms and the Cross-Entropy method use probabilistic modelling and inference to generate candidate solutions in optimization problems. The model fitting task in this class of algorithms has largely been carried out to date based on maximum likelihood. An alternative approach that is prevalent in(More)
Ray Solomonoff invented the notion of universal induction featuring an aptly termed " universal " prior probability function over all possible computable environments [9]. The essential property of this prior was its ability to dominate all other such priors. Later, Levin introduced another construction — a mixture of all possible priors or " universal(More)
Starting with an adjoint pair of operators, under suitable abstract versions of standard PDE hypotheses, we consider the Weyl M-function of extensions of the operators. The extensions are determined by abstract boundary conditions and we establish results on the relationship between the M-function as an analytic function of a spectral parameter and the(More)
Resource needs for patients with renal failure change as policies vary and survival improves. Thus a model was developed to estimate the facilities (number of beds) needed for such patients in the North-west Region; national resource needs could be obtained by multiplying the regional needs by eleven. The model predicted an unforeseen demand for hospital(More)