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A Concurrent Kleene Algebra offers two composition operators, related by a weak version of an exchange law: when applied in a trace model of program semantics, one of them stands for sequential execution and the other for concurrent execution of program components. After introducing this motivating concrete application, we investigate its abstract(More)
A Knuth-Bendix completion procedure is parametrized by a reduction ordering used to ensure termination of intermediate and resulting rewriting systems. While in principle any reduction ordering can be used, modern completion tools typically implement only Knuth-Bendix and path orderings. Consequently, the theories for which completion can possibly yield a(More)
In this paper a language-based approach to functionally correct imperative programming is proposed. The approach is based on a programming language called RSP1, which combines dependent types, general recursion, and imperative features in a type-safe way, while preserving decidability of type checking. The methodology used is that of internal verification,(More)
Orc is a kernel language for structured concurrent programming. Orc provides three powerful combinators that define the structure of a concurrent computation. These combinators support sequential and concurrent execution, and concurrent execution with blocking and termination. Orc is particularly well-suited for task orchestration, a form of concurrent(More)
A Concurrent Kleene Algebra offers two composition operators , one that stands for sequential execution and the other for concurrent execution [10]. In this paper we investigate the abstract background of this law in terms of independence relations on which a concrete trace model of the algebra is based. Moreover, we show the interdependence of the basic(More)
The problem of obtaining small conflict clauses in SMT systems has received a great deal of attention recently. We report work in progress to find small subsets of the current partial assignment that imply the goal formula when it has been propositionally simplified to a boolean value. The approach used is algebraic proof mining. Proofs from a propositional(More)
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