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Previously, we have identified β -alanine as a potential endogenous anticonvulsant molecule. β -Alanine occurs within the human central nervous system and has been identified as both an inhibitory neuromodulator and neurotransmitter that is bioavailable to brain after oral administration. During preliminary compounding trials to ascertain dosing strategies(More)
Our research team was asked by the National Weather Service-Lubbock (NWS-L) to consider the usability of its weather communication products. We specifically focused our study on two types of evaluations: (1) usability testing of GraphiCasts on the NWS-L Facebook page and Submit a Storm Report features with non-expert users and (2) site visits with expert(More)
invited speaker: irene Tracey nuffield Professor anaesthetic science & director, oxford centre for fMri of Brain, nuffield department of clinical neurosciences, (head, nuffield division anaesthetics), oxford university, england, uK The ability to experience pain is old and shared across species. It confers an evolutionary advantage and provides a warning of(More)
Drug design and discovery is an innovation process that translates the outcomes of fundamental biomedical research into therapeutics that are ultimately made available to people with medical disorders in many countries throughout the world. To identify which nations succeed, exceed, or fail at the drug design/discovery endeavor--more specifically, which(More)
Many high quality products are produced in a batch wise manner. One of the characteristics of a batch process is the recipe driven nature. By repeating the recipe in an identical manner a desired end-product is obtained. However, in spite of repeating the recipe in an identical manner, process differences occur. These differences can be caused by a change(More)
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