Ian W. McKeague

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Omnibus tests for various nonparametric hypotheses are developed using the empirical likelihood method. These include tests for symmetry about zero, changes in distribution, independence and exponentiality. The approach is to localize the empirical likelihood using a suitable ‘time’ variable implicit in the null hypothesis and then form an integral of the(More)
This article extends the scope of empirical likelihood methodology in three directions: to allow for plug-in estimates of nuisance parameters in estimating equations, slower than √ n-rates of convergence, and settings in which there are a relatively large number of estimating equations compared to the sample size. Calibrating empirical likelihood confidence(More)
The theory of wavelets is a developing branch of mathematics with a wide range of potential applications. Compactly supported wavelets are particularly interesting because of their natural ability to represent data with intrinsically local properties. They are useful for the detection of edges and singularities in image and sound analysis, and for data(More)
Single-index models offer a flexible semiparametric regression framework for high-dimensional predictors. Bayesian methods have never been proposed for such models. We develop a Bayesian approach incorporating some frequentist methods: B-splines approximate the link function, the prior on the index vector is Fishervon Mises, and regularization with(More)
Recent research emphasizes the contribution of environmental as well as genetic factors to the etiology of autism but studies testing associations between chemical exposures and autism have been limited. Prenatal exposure to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) has previously been associated with decrements in cognitive and developmental performance. We(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of the present study was to investigate an association between early gestational C-reactive protein, an established inflammatory biomarker, prospectively assayed in maternal sera, and schizophrenia in a large, national birth cohort with an extensive serum biobank. METHOD A nested case-control design from the Finnish Prenatal Study(More)
Autism is a complex neuropsychiatric syndrome with a largely unknown etiology. Inflammation during pregnancy may represent a common pathway by which infections and other insults increase risk for the disorder. Hence, we investigated the association between early gestational C-reactive protein (CRP), an established inflammatory biomarker, prospectively(More)