Ian Thomas

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The PCTE project has defined a Public Tool Interface on which Software Engineering Environments can be constructed. The interface definition was put into the public domain in September 1986 and several implementations on several machines now exist. The PCTE+ project was set up to define a Public Tool Interface, based on the PCTE work, that could also serve(More)
The PCTE project is specifying, designing and implementing a host structure for Software Engineering Environments. The host structure is designed to run on powerful, bitmap screen terminals connected to a local network. It features an Object Management System based on a Binary Entity-Relationship model that manages a database that is transparently(More)
The Pact environment is a software engineering environment (SEE) being built in the Pact project. The environment is being constructed on the PCTE interfaces. The project has detined an environment architecture which identifies Common Services. These are reusable tool components that factor out code that would otherwise have to be developed in several(More)
During recent years, several research efforts in the area of software development environments have focused on the provision of uniform Object Management Systems (OMS) as a framework for tool integration and communication. This paper summarizes discussions of an OMS Workshop on the issues that arise in defining an appropriate data model for an OMS.
The PCTE interfaces define a Public Tool Interface intended to serve as a basis for the construction of integrated software engineering environments (SEEs). The interfaces include Object Management System (OMS) services that manage the data repository of the environment. The OMS is based on a binary Entity-Relationship model. This paper describes a query(More)