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Molecules can efficiently and selectively convert light energy into other degrees of freedom. Disentangling the underlying ultrafast motion of electrons and nuclei of the photoexcited molecule presents a challenge to current spectroscopic approaches. Here we explore the photoexcited dynamics of molecules by an interaction with an ultrafast X-ray pulse(More)
Rapid proton migration is a key process in hydrocarbon photochemistry. Charge migration and subsequent proton motion can mitigate radiation damage when heavier atoms absorb X-rays. If rapid enough, this can improve the fidelity of diffract-before-destroy measurements of biomolecular structure at X-ray-free electron lasers. Here we study X-ray-initiated(More)
A three-layer delay line anode detector has been used in x-ray pump x-ray probe time-resolved measurement at LCLS. We used ~10 fs long pulses to initiate and probe ultrafast dynamics in the dication of acetylene. The dynamics are discerned from the temporal evolution of multi-particle coincidences.
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