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The complicated non-linear sigma model that characterizes the first finite-radius curvature correction to the pp-wave limit of IIB superstring theory on AdS5 ×S5 has been shown to generate energy spectra that perfectly match, to two loops in the modified ’t Hooft parameter λ, finite R-charge corrections to anomalous dimension spectra of large-R N = 4 super(More)
We present a set of long-range Bethe ansatz equations for open quantum strings on AdS5 × S and demonstrate that they diagonalize bosonic su(2) and sl(2) sectors of the theory in the near-pp-wave limit. Results are compared with energy spectra obtained by direct quantization of the open string theory, and we find agreement in this limit to all orders in the(More)
Using the Polchinski-Strominger effective string theory in the covariant gauge, we compute the mass of a rotating string in D dimensions with large angular momenta J, in one or two planes, in fixed ratio, up to and including first subleading order in the large J expansion. This constitutes a first-principles calculation of the value for the order-J(0)(More)
The pp-wave/BMN limit of the AdS/CFT correspondence has exposed the Maldacena conjecture to a new regimen of direct tests. In one line of pursuit, finite-radius curvature corrections to the Penrose limit (which appear in inverse powers of the string angular momentum J) have been found to induce a complicated system of interaction perturbations to string(More)
The AdS/CFT correspondence provides a rich testing ground for many important topics in theoretical physics. The earliest and most striking example of the correspondence is the conjectured duality between the energy spectrum of type IIB superstring theory on AdS5 × S and the operator anomalous dimensions of N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory in four(More)
A class of marginal deformations of four-dimensional N = 4 super Yang-Mills theory has been found to correspond to a set of smooth, multiparameter deformations of the S5 target subspace in the holographic dual on AdS5 × S5. We present here an analogous set of deformations that act on global toroidal isometries in the AdS5 subspace. Remarkably, certain(More)
The task of calculating operator dimensions in the planar limit ofN = 4 super Yang-Mills theory can be vastly simplified by mapping the dilatation generator to the Hamiltonian of an integrable spin chain. The Bethe ansatz has been used in this context to compute the spectra of spin chains associated with various sectors of the theory which are known to(More)
We consider tachyon condensation in unstable ten-dimensional heterotic string theory with gauge group E8. In the background of a lightlike linear dilaton rolling to weak coupling, we find an exact solution in which the theory decays to a stable ground state. The final state represents a new, modular-invariant perturbative string theory, tachyon-free in nine(More)