Ian Stephenson

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The samples at all points over the pinhole in principle capture the lightfield entering the camera. However when real scenes are used they suffer from interference. Photons from different parts of the scene interfere with each other to add noise to the scene. Averaging mulitple simulations reduces this problem. Increasing the samples in one simulation is(More)
A development environment for RenderMan shaders has been implemented , allowing the SL programmer to observe the bahaviour of variables in both time and space. By allowing both novices and experts to visualise the execution of their code, the creation of shaders is much simplified without restricting the flexability of the SL language.
Attempts to hardware accelerate production renderers have been restricted by the hardware available. Standard interactive graphics hardare is generally ill-suited to production style rendering, while the cost of custom hardware prevents its widespread adoption. Field Programable Gate Arrays (FPGA's) offer a solution to this problem by allowing custom(More)