Ian Sinclair

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Characterised by distinctive clinicopathological features, the central neurocytoma (CN) is an uncommon and possibly under-recognised primary cerebral neuronal neoplasm. We present clinical and pathological details of seven patients with CN. Histological examination revealed a greater diversity of morphological appearances than is typically described in CN.(More)
BACKGROUND Children in care often have poor outcomes. There is a lack of evaluative research into intervention options. AIMS To examine the efficacy of Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care for Adolescents (MTFC-A) compared with usual care for young people at risk in foster care in England. METHOD A two-arm single (assessor) blinded randomised(More)
Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) has been emerged recently as an innovative approach to full volume (i.e. internal) displacement and strain field measurement in materials and structures, particularly in conjunction with high resolution X-ray computed tomography (CT). As a relatively novel technique certain aspects of precision, accuracy and the breadth of(More)
· Root hairs are known to be highly important for uptake of sparingly soluble nutrients, particularly in nutrient deficient soils. Development of increasingly sophisticated mathematical models has allowed uptake characteristics to be quantified. However, modelling has been constrained by a lack of methods for imaging live root hairs growing in real soils. ·(More)
Plant root system architecture adapts to the prevailing soil environment and the distribution of nutrients. Many species respond to localised regions of high nutrient supply, found in the vicinity of fertiliser granules, by elevating branching density in these areas. However, observation of these adaptations is frequently limited to plants cultured in(More)
Assessment of bone quality is an emerging solution for quantifying the effects of bone pathology or treatment. Perhaps one of the most important parameters characterising bone quality is the toughness behaviour of bone. Particularly, fracture toughness, is becoming a popular means for evaluating bone quality. The method is moving from a single value(More)
Synchrotron radiation computed laminography is applied to the three-dimensional micro-imaging of damage in large polymer composite plates with high spatial resolution. The influence of different experimental conditions is studied with respect to measurement time optimization, dose minimization and reduction of artefacts in the reconstructed images. Failures(More)
BACKGROUND Understanding the three-dimensional (3-D) micro-architecture of lung tissue can provide insights into the pathology of lung disease. Micro computed tomography (µCT) has previously been used to elucidate lung 3D histology and morphometry in fixed samples that have been stained with contrast agents or air inflated and dried. However,(More)
Between 1928 and 1986, 393 keloid sites on 250 patients were presented. Three hundred seventy-five sites received superficial quality therapeutic irradiation. Etiologies were determined. The majority were excised prior to irradiation, and in these, histologic confirmation was obtained. Recurrence rate after irradiation was low, 9/375 (2.4%). When 7 of 9(More)
Twenty-one patients whose solitary detectable biopsy proven recurrent brain malignancies produced Central Nervous System (CNS) symptoms warranting further intervention received 60-minute 43 degrees C (180 degree-minute) interstitial 2450 MHz microwave hyperthermia fractions. All received brain teletherapy prior to recurrence. The first 15 received no(More)