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BACKGROUND Prescribing errors are common and costly. Technology should enable safer prescribing. The two main current methods of doing so are computer initiated clinical support software (CDSS) and the user initiated information retrieval (IR) systems. However, despite the near universal availability of computerised prescribing support in the UK, errors(More)
The Mie model is widely used to analyze light scattering from particulate aerosols. The Diesel particle scatterometer, for example, determines the size and optical properties of Diesel exhaust particles that are characterized by the measurement of three angle-dependent elements of the Mueller scattering matrix. These elements are then fitted by Mie(More)
Tropical cyclone Tracy (Tracy) in December 1974 is arguably the most significant tropical cyclone in Australia's history accounting for 71 lives and the destruction of most of Darwin. While several other cyclone events have caused more deaths including the 1899 Bathurst Bay (Qld) event, Tracy's impact on Darwin profoundly affected Australian perspectives to(More)
The sharper instrumental profile of the multipassed Fabry-Perot etalon introduces distortions to Brillouin spectra which may differ considerably from those introduced by the single-pass etalon. The half-width at half-height of the observed profile is calculated for five-pass and three-pass spectrometers. Phonon spectral widths may be extracted from the(More)
A discussion of the application of Raman scattering to solid state problems is followed by a description of the experimental technique. A recent experiment is described in which the thickness of the domain wall in the strongly coupled ferroelectric-ferroelastic material gadolinium molybdate is found to be within the limits 0.8-3 micro. The Raman scattering(More)
Raman polarization measurements of the amide I band are reported in ionized poly-L-lysine dissolved in aqueous methanol. The observed changes with methanol concentration, attributed to changes in coil conformation and to the helix-coil transition, represent a novel method of measuring polymer conformation. Polarization measurements as a function of(More)
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