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BACKGROUND UK general practice is universally computerised, with computers used in the consulting room at the point of care. Practices use a range of different brands of computer system, which have developed organically to meet the needs of general practitioners and health service managers. Unified Modelling Language (UML) is a standard modelling and(More)
Single-channel video is an established method for assessing the clinical consultation; however, it has limitations. While previous research has concluded that three-channel video recording of clinical consultations offers advantages, using professional equipment made costs prohibitive. In this study we set out to establish whether the benefits of(More)
BACKGROUND Single-channel video is an established method for assessing clinical consultation in training general practitioners; however, it is hard to infer the body language of the doctor or how information in the consultation is being integrated into the medical record. A three-channel video was developed combining the conventional view with a camera(More)
BACKGROUND In the UK routinely collected computerized clinical data is used to assess progress towards financially incentivised quality targets for chronic disease management including hypertension. OBJECTIVE To develop a method for assessing the impact of recording quality target data in the clinical consultation. METHODS Raters were trained how to(More)
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