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This paper aims to compare and contrast two types of model (logistic regression and decision tree induction) for the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome using four ordered classification categories. Initially, we present the classification performance results based on more than two covariates (multivariate case). Our results suggest that there is no(More)
Links have long been made between literacy and economic development, and recent governments in the UK have put great emphasis on the teaching of literacy to raise educational standards. There is substantial evidence to show that spoken and written language share some processes in common and that the development of literacy is supported by the development of(More)
Tumor vasculature is an attractive therapeutic target as it differs structurally from normal vasculature, and the destruction of a single vessel can lead to the death of many tumor cells. The effects of antivascular drugs are frequently short term, with regrowth beginning less than 24 hours posttreatment. This study investigated the duration of the response(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterise longitudinal changes in joint integrity and cartilage volume in vivo in the guinea pig spontaneous osteoarthritis (OA) model by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). METHODS Guinea pigs knee were imaged in vivo by high-resolution three-dimensional (3D) MRI between the ages of 3 and 12 months. Image analysis was performed to assess(More)
Optimization of experiments, such as those used in drug discovery, can lead to useful savings of scientific resources. Factors such as sex, strain, and age of the animals and protocol-specific factors such as timing and methods of administering treatments can have an important influence on the response of animals to experimental treatments. Factorial(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was designed to investigate the efficacy of a 2-channel hearing aid with low-frequency compression and high-frequency linear amplification on a group of school-age hearing aid wearers. DESIGN The study was a single-center, 2-way crossover design in which 25 children (age 6 to 15 yr) were fitted with 2-channel hearing aids for 12 wk and(More)
Personalized medicine allows the selection of treatments best suited to an individual patient and disease phenotype. To implement personalized medicine, effective tests predictive of response to treatment or susceptibility to adverse events are needed, and to develop a personalized medicine test, both high quality samples and reliable data are required. We(More)
Interstitial lung disease (ILD) events have been reported in Japanese non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients receiving EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors. We investigated proteomic biomarkers for mechanistic insights and improved prediction of ILD. Blood plasma was collected from 43 gefitinib-treated NSCLC patients developing acute ILD (confirmed by(More)