Ian S. Menzies FRCPath

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This study examined whether indomethacin-induced increases in small intestinal permeability in man are prevented by concomitant administration of a prostaglandin analog (misoprostol). Twelve male volunteers were tested as baseline, following misoprostol alone (200 Μg, at −16, −12, −8.5, −4, −1.5, and +4 hr); following indomethacin alone (75 mg, at −8; 50(More)
A patient with congenital asucrasia was investigated usingin vivo differential urinary disaccharide excretion. Impaired hydrolysis of sucrose and isomaltose, but normal lactase activity, were demonstrated and confirmed byin vitro estimation. The technique of differential disaccharide excretion can now be used to assess three disaccharidases(More)
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