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Air pollution from traffic is one of the main factors considered in the environmental appraisal of road schemes. Currently this appraisal concentrates on the emission and roadside concentration of those regulated pollutants which are potentially harmful to the health or well-being of human, animal or plant life, or to ecological systems. However, vehicle(More)
CODIA (Co-Operative Systems Deployment Impact Assessment) aimed to provide an independent assessment of direct and indirect impacts, costs and benefits of five co-operative systems: • Speed adaptation due to weather conditions, obstacles or congestion (V2I and I2Vcommunication) • Reversible lanes due to traffic flow (V2I and I2V) • Local danger / hazard(More)
1. Four principal endoglucanase components of Trichoderma koningii cellulase were separated and purified by gel filtration on Sephadex G-75, ion-exchange chromatography on DEAEand sulphoethyl-Sephadex and isoelectric focusing. 2. All four endoglucanases hydrolysed CM-cellulose, H3PO4-swollen cellulose, cellotetraose and cellopentaose, but differed in the(More)
In the UK, many improvements and modifications to the road system are made in urban areas where the network of roads and the surrounding area are often complex. In these locations, the emission and dispersion of vehicle exhaust are complicated by the diversity of the vehicle operating conditions and of the airflow patterns. A series of air pollution surveys(More)
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Introduction Daytime running lights—generally low-wattage headlights that turn on automatically when a vehicle’s ignition is started—are a safety feature intended to reduce multiple-vehicle crashes during daylight hours by making vehicles more conspicuous to other drivers. In some countries, such as Canada, they are required to be standard equipment on all(More)
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