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—In this paper, we introduce an algorithm to delineate elementary forms on Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). Elementary forms are defined by constant values of fundamental morphometric properties and limited by discontinuities of these properties. A multiresolution segmentation technique was customized to partition the layers of altitude derivatives into(More)
— Exactness of results of geomorphometric research depends not only on measurement and computational exactness but also on exact definition of measured objects and exactness of interpretation of the geomorphometric variables. The need to consider all aspects of exactness in mutual relationships is exemplified from the use of third order local point-based(More)
geomorphometry.org Articles is a new informal digital journal for a free exchange of scientific information. It will feature short (>2000 words long) to medium length (<8000 words long) articles covering topics that might be of interest to geomorphometry.org community, DEM users and GIS community in general. Here, you can find detailed instructions to(More)
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