Ian Roland Record

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BACKGROUND Plant-sterol-enriched spreads lower LDL cholesterol but may also lower lipid-standardized carotenoids. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to assess whether advice to consume specific daily amounts of foods high in carotenoids prevents a reduction in plasma carotenoid concentrations in subjects who consume plant sterol or stanol esters. DESIGN(More)
The anticancer properties of zerumbone (2,6,9 humulatriene-8-one, a sesquiterpenoid) from Zingiber aromaticum were compared with those of curcumin from Curcuma longa in an in vitro MTT tetrazolium salt assay using HT-29, CaCo-2, and MCF-7 cancer cells and in an azoxymethane (AOM)-induced animal model of colon cancer using aberrant crypt foci (ACFs) as a(More)
Young male pigs were fed a diet formulated from human foods including either boiled white rice plus rice bran or heat-stabilized brown rice at equivalent levels of fiber for 3 wk. Stool and starch excretion were low in pigs fed white rice during the first 2 wk of the experiment. In pigs fed brown rice, their excretion was high during wk 1 but declined in wk(More)
Hairless mice were fed diets containing different levels of vitamin E or received topical applications of the vitamin for three weeks before a single exposure equivalent to one minimal erythematous dose of ultraviolet light provided by an artificial sunlight source. Lipid peroxidation and suppression of incorporation of thymidine into DNA were used to(More)
The effect ofin utero zinc deficiency on fetal development in rats is reviewed. Attention is paid to the primary biochemical lesion associated with zinc-related teratogenesis and special consideration is given to the central nervous system. Evidence is presented that the thymidine kinase salvage pathway, used for the synthesis of thymidine monophosphate in(More)
The aim of the present study was to examine the effect of consumption of a high-fruit and vegetable diet, or a spray-dried extract of selected fruits and vegetables of high antioxidant content, on indices of antioxidant status of individuals consuming a background diet with minimal antioxidant intake. Plasma antioxidant concentrations were determined in(More)
The effects of genistein (one of the major soybean isoflavones), genistein (the glucosylated form of genistein) and etoposide (a topoisomerase 11 inhibitor) have been studied in mouse splenocytes in culture. Genistein (25 microM), genistein (25 microM) and etoposide (0.1 microM) all induced the production of large numbers of micronuclei; however, genistein(More)
The effect of cadmium on the in vitro pinocytic rate of 10- and 11-day-old rat yolk sacs grown on rat serum in culture was studied using the synthetic substrate 125I-labeled polyvinylpyrrolidone. In medium containing concentrations of added cadmium similar to those achieved in serum by intraperitoneal dosing of rats, the rate of pinocytosis in vitro was(More)