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In this study, the fracture properties of Perspex, acrylic bone cement prepared using a commercially available reduced pressure mixing system and a bone cement-bone composite were compared under different test conditions. The method used was the double-torsion (DT) test. The observations made from this investigation are as follows. The fracture toughness(More)
A method to accurately measure the position and orientation of an acetabular cup implant from postoperative X-rays has been designed and validated. The method uses 2-D-3-D registration to align both the prosthesis and the preoperative computed tomography (CT) volume to the X-ray image. This allows the position of the implant to be calculated with respect to(More)
In a cadaver study, we prepared 29 paired human cadaver femora using 3 different broaches of identical geometry but different surface characteristics. In one group of 20 pairs, preparation with chipped-toothed broaches was compared to diamond-shaped broaches; in the other group of 9 pairs, polished tamps for compaction of cancellous bone were compared with(More)
Currently total hip replacement surgery using minimally invasive techniques is a fast developing field. However, all reports concern adaptations of surgical techniques with adapted instruments using conventional implants. These conventional implants limit the minimal invasiveness to some extent. In this paper a new system is reported featuring a new(More)
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